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    Kallista awoke, alone, in the dark, and for a moment she thought she was in her room at the Union headquarters. She wondered why her face and chest were sore and her bed was so hard, but within moments her memory began to seep in at the edges of her consciousness.

    She remembered the ship - remembered creeping up to the deck and reaching for the guard’s sword. In her mind, she felt the savage thud of boots and fists and sword hilts raining down on her as she lost consciousness.

    She looked around; the only light a dim, red glow that seeped in around the edges of the wrought iron door. There was no furniture in the cell, nothing but her and a few loose stones from the solid rock walls. Just like…

    No. she couldn’t think it. She wouldn’t.

    She stood up, panic beginning to set in. Every muscle in her body screamed in pain from the pirate's blows. As she rose she felt a pressure pushing in on her, weighing her down and trying to force its way inside her; the same dark void of sorrow that had been clinging to her since the ship had crossed the border into the Shadowfells. The darkness coiled around her, tightening its grip.

    Was this what Tzesira felt? What she lived with day after day? Dear gods… how did she survive this way?

    “Hello?” she called, and the hard, enclosed cell turned her voice back in on her, making a roar out of her meek query. She jumped slightly at the sound of it.

    “Pathetic…” a familiar voice beside her said softly.

    She turned and faced only empty darkness, nothing there but carved stone.

    “What?” she whispered.

    From behind her a mocking laugh started, but was cut short the moment she spun again to face it. This time there was no mistaking. It was her father’s cold laugh, one she had only ever heard emanating from the torture rooms of Bael Hexott.

    “No…” she said meekly, shaking her head, “You’re not… this isn’t real.”

    Silence. For a long moment the only sound was her heart beating furiously in her chest. She felt the darkness pressing in on her, as tangible as the stone beneath her feet. It was like drowning in a frozen lake, unable to breathe or even scream.

    Memories and images sprang unbidden to her mind. Feelings of dread and terror, of flames and iron, and the sickeningly sweet smell of death. A burning brand… cold stone pressed against her face… her friends drowning in blood, faces ashen gray and frozen in agony.

    “Stop it!” she screamed into the darkness, but it was too strong. The Shadowfell was overtaking her as she fell hard on her knees, weeping.

    “You’re nothing, Kallista. the weakest link in the chain. You always were…” her father’s voice echoed in her mind.

    “Avandra…” she pleaded between sobs, “Tzesira… someone… somebody help me…”

    “They can’t hear you.” The voice prodded, “They can’t see you here. No one is coming. No one cares.”

    Kallista collapsed in the corner of the cell, her mind burning with tortures old and new, feeding on itself in the fetid gloom. She hugged herself, nails digging sharply into her leather clothing, but it wasn’t enough. The tide of depression swept her along in its wake like a sparrow in a hurricane.

    “You’re ours now…” the voice whispered.

    With nothing left, nothing to cling to, no one to hear her, Kallista let go; she gave in to the sadness and pain and she was gone.

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