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    Aimee's character sheet


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    Aimee's character sheet

    Post by Josh on 06/03/10, 04:02 am

    Name: Aimee Solleau
    Player: Josh
    Calling: Six-String Chevalier
    Nature: Gallant
    Pantheon: Aesir
    God: Freya

    Str: 3 [E: 2]
    Dex: 3 [E: 2]
    Sta: 3 [E: 2]

    Cha: 4 [E: 3]
    Man: 2
    App: 4 [E: 2]

    Per: 3 [E: 1]
    Int: 3 [E: 1]
    Wits: 3 [E: 1]

    Academics: 2
    *Art (Music): 5
    Athletics: 4
    Awareness: 2
    Brawl: 2
    Command: 3
    Control (Motorcycle): 2
    *Craft (Mechanics): 2
    *Craft (Carpentry): 1
    *Empathy: 3
    Fortitude: 2
    *Integrity: 2
    Marksmanship: 2
    *Melee: 4
    *Presence: 3
    Survival: 2


    Myrkrnipt ("Dark Sister") (Creature 4, Relic 1) - Unbeknowst to Aimee, her beloved motorcycle, Shadowfax, is actually the valkyrie horse Myrkrnipt. Though currently dormant, the motorcycle has some odd quirks (a tendency for the engine to rev when Aimee is upset, being in a slightly different place or position than she left it) which Aimee has so far written off.
    Utlendrhlif ("The Foreigner's Shield") (Relic 3, Viking Round Shield/Biker Gear, 2L/4B soak or +3 DV) - Forged not by the Aesir, but by a 'friend' of Freya's who she claims "has a weakness for a pretty face", Utlendrhlif has the ability to change form between a leather biker's jacket and a large, round viking shield, both emblazoned with a hammer and anvil.
    Domrretta ("Judgement's Reach) (Relic 2/2, Spatha/Desert Eagle, + 1 dmg (spatha)/+ 1 Acc, -1 Spd (desert eagle); Acc +1, Dmg 5, Speed 4, Clip 7 (as a pistol)) - Sister to Utlendrhlif, Domretta can shift between a Nordic arming sword and a desert eagle .50 cal pistol, both bearing a golden teardrop symbol.

    Holy Bound-Only characters whose Boons include the Sky Purview have more freedom to flaunt the laws of physics. Simply having Epic Strength enables a Scion to perform prodigious leaps that leave mortals standing slack-jawed with wonder. For example, if a Scion has Strength 5, Athletics 3 and Epic Strength 3, she can jump 12 yards straight up or 24 yards forward. (See “Movement” on p. 180\.) This Knack, however, doubles a Scion’s vertical and horizontal jumping distances. With it, the aforementioned character could leap an amazing 24 yards straight up (from the ground to a seventh-story balcony, for instance) or 48 yards forward in a single bound

    Making It Look Easy-When a character performs a feat of strength, doing so takes every bit of effort the character can muster. He doesn’t just lift a blue whale by the tail and hammer throw it back into the ocean between bites of scone. He grunts and strains and struggles until he gets enough momentum behind the whale for it to leave the ground, and when he lets it go, it’s with a resounding shout of strain and a near collapse of relief as it sails out over the water. The name of this Knack, however, speaks for itself. Any action the character can perform as a feat of strength, he can perform as if it’s no effort at all. He can lift the heaviest weights with one hand while using his other hand to cover a yawn. He can throw a spear into orbit with a flick of his finger. He can scoop the beached whale up in one hand and send it skipping like a stone out into the deep water where it can move freely (if dizzily) once again. Since such feats of strength are so easy, the character can execute multiple actions while performing feats of strength.

    Perfect Partner-The character with this Knack is extremely good at modifying her movements—be they gross or subtle— to coordinate perfectly with other people. This Knack comes in handy in the ballroom, the bedroom, even the thick of battle. The first two applications might not come up as often in play, but they shouldn’t be discounted out of hand. The dance performance of two characters with this Knack would put the best work of Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers to shame. The sexual prowess of a character with this Knack would be legendary all on its own. The third application of this Knack makes coordinating assaults (see Scion: Hero, p. 190) that much easier. Using it, a character can attach herself to any coordinated assault she sees fit, without the player of the person coordinating the assault having to include the character in the dice roll to do so. If the character with this Knack wants to coordinate her attack with only one other person, neither of them even has to make a roll to do so. As long as they act at the same time and attack the same target, they are coordinated by default.

    Untouchable Opponent-The Scion might as well be a ghost for all her enemies can lay a hand or a weapon on her. The Scion doubles the benefit that her Epic Dexterity dots add to her Dodge DV. She also ignores an amount of DV penalties due to unstable terrain equal to her Epic Dexterity dots. Only the normal Epic Dexterity bonus applies to the character’s Parry DV, though, and this Knack’s bonus to Dodge DV doesn’t apply if the character is merely hiding behind cover or tucked in behind a scutum like a lowly turtle. Only if the character is physically dodging the attacks that are coming her way does this Knack help her out. Activating this Knack costs one point of Legend. Its effects last for one scene.

    Holy Fortitude-The character is the epitome of the holy ascetic. The periods for which she is able to go without food, water and sleep all double. The amount of time she is able to work at a strenuous task without stopping also doubles.

    Self–Healing-The Scion’s player spends a point of Legend to repair a single level of damage. That damage can be bashing or lethal, and the healing takes place in an instant without leaving a scar. (Aggravated damage is beyond the power of this Knack to heal.) Scions who are interested in building their reputation and spreading their legends quickly find this Knack to be one of the more effective tools of doing so, as bruises, lacerations and bullet holes vanish before astonished onlookers’ eyes.

    Charmer-With the sheer, raw charm this Knack represents, the Scion can smother an upwelling of panic, suspicion or utter hatred directed at her for one scene. The player need only spend a point of Legend. One scene is usually long enough to convince a person that it would be in his best interest to help the character, but it’s up to the Scion (and the player’s roleplaying) to actually say the right words. During the scene in which this Knack is in effect, the suppressed emotion doesn’t go away. It merely remains beneath the surface. If the Scion can’t set the person’s mind at ease by scene’s end, the suppressed emotion returns in full force the next time the Scion leaves the affected person’s presence.

    Inspirational Figure-The Scion’s well-chosen words can play on humankind’s social mentality, giving hope and courage to not just one listener, but a group. The Scion gives a speech to gathered listeners—whether he’s calling upon them for help, raising their spirits after a local disaster or strengthening the bonds of community among them—and spends a single point of Legend. As long as his words are intended to inspire them in some way, every person who can hear him listens spellbound and receives a point of Willpower at the speech’s end. The only limit is that the listeners must be able to hear him clearly without him using the aid of any amplifying or broadcasting equipment. This Knack inspires other Scions as easily as mortals, but it doesn’t inspire titanspawn. Nonetheless, titanspawn are compelled to at least let him finish his speech before carrying out whatever they’re up to.

    Boys Will Be Boys-This Knack, alternatively known as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, is a character’s trusty Get Out of Jail Free card. When the character gets into trouble with some angry witness or authority figure—be it the police, a mortal parent, one’s long-suffering spouse, etc.—he need only shrug haplessly, grin foolishly or do likewise. (His player also spends a point of Legend.) At that, the offended party decides that whatever the character did wasn’t really that bad. The character gets a slap on the wrist, a stern warning or no punishment at all, depending on when he chooses to use it. This Knack doesn’t work on anyone with a higher Legend rating, though. Also, if the character wants to use it against someone with an equal Legend rating, his player must roll (Charisma + Presence + Legend) against a roll of the potential victim’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend).

    Center of Attention-Whether he’s Hugh Jackman on the set of The View or the Phantom of the Opera going unmasked at the masquerade ball, the Scion commands the attention of everyone in the room. This Knack is best used when making an important entrance, but it can also serve as a wonderful broad-spectrum distraction. The character walks into a room, the player spends a point of Legend, and all eyes in the room (as well as the eyes of people watching remotely via live security camera broadcast) turn the character’s way. For every Legend point spent, the character can hold everyone’s attention for a number of minutes equal to his Epic Appearance dots. The onlookers can carry on with what they’re doing and keep talking among themselves, but their attention remains fixed on the Scion. Titanspawn and Scions can resist this Knack. They may spend a point of Willpower to direct their attention elsewhere. Should the Scion with Epic Appearance spend another point of Legend to continue the effect over subsequent sets of minutes, the resisting party must spend matching amounts of Willpower to keep from being distracted.

    Lasting Impression-The Scion has an effect on a subject that’s slow to fade away. Thoughts of the Scion creep into the victim’s mind unbidden either to undermine his concentration or to uplift his spirit. A beautiful Scion can use her Epic Appearance to make a character feel good about himself, granting him an extra Willpower point (which may exceed the character’s maximum) and an extra die on any Art, Athletics, Command, Craft or Integrity dice pools. A hideous Scion inflicts quite the opposite effect. The fear she instills robs her victim of a Willpower point that he cannot regain until the effect wears off. The Scion also unsettles him so deeply that he loses one die from all Academics, Awareness, Control, Politics or Presence dice pools. Using this Knack costs the Scion a single point of Legend, and its effects last for 24 hours. The Scion can use the Knack on only one person at a time, and the target must be able to see her in person.

    Perfect Pitch-The Scion can be a musician’s best friend or worst nightmare, as she has the innate ability to detect even the subtlest variation in musical pitch. Her sense is so refined that she could catch a single missed note in an otherwise flawless performance of a Rachmaninoff concerto. The lone flub in the middle of the performance rings as clearly in her ears as if someone’s cell phone had gone off during it playing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. The Scion’s sense of hearing is also refined enough to be able to identify with absolute certainty a phone number or security code just by hearing the distinctive key tones.

    Fight With Your Head-A Scion with this Knack possesses a truly superhuman sense of strategy. He anticipates an enemy’s evasions, counter-strategies and gambits with ease. He can reason around a berserker’s shock and awe or calculate a dodging foe’s final location to slip past that foe’s defenses. He can find just the right angle to slip from an opponent’s grasp, and he can see through feints and other ploys with ease. The Scion activates this Knack by selecting an opponent and spending one point of Legend. For the rest of the scene, he counteracts the automatic successes, bonus dice and similar benefits conferred by other Knacks and Boons. The total number of such bonuses counteracted cannot exceed the Scion’s automatic success from Epic Intelligence. This Knack can negate bonuses from Knacks and Boons, as well as automatic successes and bonuses from Epic Attributes themselves. It does not affect stunt bonuses or extra dice from invoking Virtues. If an opponent receives more bonuses than a Scion can counteract, the user of this Knack picks what he will negate. This Knack might seem an odd one to include in a book about the Norse and their Gods. In truth, despite their famed fury and aggression, Norse warriors valued a cunning fighter at least as much as a frenzied powerhouse.

    Opening Gambit-Sometimes, victory in conflict is all about being the guy who makes the first move, and the Scion is usually that guy. When he joins battle, his player can either make a Join Battle roll like everyone else, or he can simply spend a point of Legend for his character to automatically go first in the reaction count. This Knack cannot automatically preempt an otherwise unexpected attack, though, as the character must actually be able to join battle for this Knack to function. If more than one character involved in a combat scene has this Knack, the character with the highest (Wits + Epic Wits) total goes first. If characters with this Knack have equal totals, default to a separate Join Battle roll to see which of them acts first.

    Willpower: 5

    Legend: 4
    Legend Points: 16

    Expression: 3
    Loyalty: 2
    Valor: 2
    Vengeance: 2

    Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy
    Cost: None
    This Boon aids a Scion immensely in determining guilt, one of the foundations of meting out justice. When she confronts someone she suspects committed an injustice and accuses that person of having done so, her player rolls (Perception + Empathy). (This roll isn’t modified by supernatural powers or contested by the suspect’s player.) On a success, the Scion can intuitively tell whether the suspect is guilty as charged. A failure yields an indeterminate reading and means that the Scion can’t try to determine the same subject’s guilt for 24 hours. A botch yields a false reading.

    Brehon's Eye
    Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy
    Cost: 1 Legend
    To understand the demands of enech upon the Scion, she must first understand its demands on those around her. With this power, the Scion assumes a canny and wise attitude, watching carefully and allowing those insights to influence her judgment. The information that comes with this power was of old called enechsenchas, or “enech lore,” and is often used in later Boons in this Purview.
    Once this power is activated, the Scion rolls (Perception + Empathy), adding in any successes from Epic Perception. For each success, he can judge the enech of one individual present, beginning with those with the highest Legend. Reading someone’s enech grants the Scion knowledge of what his highest Virtue is, what his lowest Virtue is and what his Nature is. This can only be activated once per scene.

    Arete: Music 2

    83 XP (76 spent)

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