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    League Profile-Oracle of Fate


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    League Profile-Oracle of Fate

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 05/03/10, 09:53 pm

    Jana was turned over to an asylum at the age of three by her scared parents. She was young, and very gifted-not the best combination for skittish parents to endure. They were social climbers, firmly planted in the mundane, and they decided their blind daughter that could do so much and acted so odd must have something wrong with her. She spent her next twenty years at that asylum, stewing in the anger that abandonment left her with. She spoke to no one, ate little, and spent her days strengthening her mind, at the expense of her body. When she judged herself ready, she used her mental powers to destroy the hateful asylum and earn her freedom. From that day on, she let no one decide her fate.
    As such, she more or less told the League she would be joining, and she clearly fit the bill, no one questioned it. To this day, none of them trust her with any responsibility, as she is clearly all to eager to take over.
    Years down the road, when she was well established in the league, she came across a report of a girl that was remarkably like herself- young, exceptionally gifted, and on the verge of being abandoned. She sent one of her people to retrieve the girl and secure adoption papers, before setting off to raise the girl as her own. She acquired a deaf nanny to take care of the girl, seeing as her voice killed anyone who heard it. The girl grew up spoiled rotten by her nanny and her 'mother', given her every wish and thoroughly grounded in her mother's unique ideals.
    This girl has grown up to be the Giggler.

    Powers: The quintessential psychic, with a dash of levitation

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