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    Random World Info

    Post by Josh on 13/09/11, 05:12 pm

    Just trying to jot down ideas here, will make them more coherent in the future.

    The society in which the characters live is called the Nerathi Confederacy. Its a collection of loosely affiliated city-states. The currently named ones are:

    Highmark: Ostensibly the center of power for the Confederacy, its the home of both the Adventurer's Guild and the Explorer's Union.
    Mythragal: The floating city of the goddess Ioun, Mythragal is known as the "City of Mages" for its multiple wizards colleges. It is home to the Seekers of the One Truth (or, colloquially, just Seekers), a guild of arcane adventurers.
    Grimfar: Predominantly dwarven, Grimfar maintains the largest stable zone of any of the Nerathi city-states. The Delver Tribe, an adventuring guild specializing in underground operations, is based here.
    Vanilorra: The Living City, the elves sculpted their home from massive trees and all manner of plants, using their life energy to stabilize the area. The Green Men, masters of primal magic, call Vanilorra home.
    Aethrennar: The eladrin city of Aethrennar shifts between the world and a pocket of the Feywild, mitigating the effects of the Changing. The Diplomatic Alliance maintains its headquarters here, with branches all over Nerath.
    Thantopolis: Rent by deep civic factionalization, the tomb city still stands as a refuge to all who seek it, living or dead. The Forgotten Skull Clan operates from a base deep within the city's original crypts.

    In the guilds, PC stands for something like "Professional Certificate" meaning one is licensed to be an adventurer. In civil society within the Nerathi Confederacy, it stands for "Protected Citizen," and it means you have all the normal rights of a citizen, pay lower taxes, can work in upper government jobs, etc.

    PC races (Not exhaustive):
    Dragonmarked Races and the marks they bear:
    Humans - Naming, Making, Sentinel
    Elves - Life
    Eladrin - Time
    Half-Elves - Community
    Dwarves - Stone
    Dragonborn - Genesis
    Tieflings - Binding (Summoning?)
    Shadar-kai - Winter
    Halflings - Hospitality
    Gnomes - Images
    Vryloka - Secrets
    Shifters - Change

    Non-Dragonmarked PC races:

    Races legally equivalent to PCs by treaty:

    Races not considered PCs but of middling status:
    Half-Orcs (any person who can claim parentage from a PC)

    Races without PC status who

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