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    Phoenix Force Profile- Vermillion Witch


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    Phoenix Force Profile- Vermillion Witch

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 05/03/10, 09:18 pm

    Olivia grew up thouroughly middle class, in a close knit, loving suburban family. As her parents were both teachers, she grew up a bookworm, increasingly engrossed in the world of her books. She lived a comfortable life, with a few good friends, a well worn library pass, and a very supportive family. By the time she hit college, she'd determined to dedicate herself to the study of the more mystic arts-they fascinated her in a way she could not explain. At the time, she was more interested in theory, but one night halfway through her sophomore year, that all changed. She was walking home one night when she was mugged and raped. She fought back with her limited abilities in magic, but succeeded only in angering the man and burning her own retinas, blinding her. After that, her studies changed-became more focused on practice, and began taking martial arts classes to better be able to fight back. As soon as she deemed herself ready, she registered herself as a hero, under the name of The Vermillion Witch.
    She quickly made a name for herself as a powerful and flashy hero, and as such became another member of Phoenix Force.

    Powers: Fire manipulation, only along her own body. Super senses

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