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    Tiernan/May Summers


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    Tiernan/May Summers

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 28/06/11, 11:24 pm

    May was a pretty standard happy kid with a pretty sterotypical happy childhood. She loved her parents and teased her little brother. They had a home and a dog and a neighborhood with a whole bunch of other kids. She was always teased for her name, but it suited her. She was always bright and caring, the kind of kid who wanted to save the world when she grew up. Her parents raised her to be very religious, and from a relatively early age she got very devout.
    She was pretty, and smart, and the world would have been hers one day, had things gone differently.
    Unfortunately for her, when she was 16, her life went wrong.
    (Insert long crazy awakening here)
    Once she came out of it, she realized she had no plan and barely enough money to feed herself for a week. After what had happened, she couldn't go back to her parents, nor did she think she even wanted to. For the first six months she mostly got by on a combination of kindness and dumb luck, as it took her a while to wrap her head around the idea of busking or stealing. Eventually, she hit upon the idea of doing street magic. Getting started was tricky, but the magic helped. She almost didn't make it through her first winter-she hadn't realized just how cold it could get until she had to pass a winter without heat.
    She survived, barely, and the experience made her stronger. She got hard and mean, enough to survive and thrive on the streets. She started going by Tiernan to make herself harder to track, as she definitely didn't want to go home.
    As she got more confident, she settled into an abandoned warehouse-for a woman who was now in the late stages of puberty and was far better at running than at defending herself, it was safer not to sleep on the streets when the gangs and assholes came calling.
    There she stayed, perfecting her show and getting by. She became a fixture in the streets, the girl who knew everyone and didn't like any of them. Everyone grew to believe she was a little bit mad, but that suited her just fine, as she preferred to keep to herself. She read a lot, kept her head down, and used magic to keep herself as safe as possible.

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