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    A Friendly Ear

    Post by tuck on 05/06/11, 03:25 pm

    Ronnie:As soon as they get out of earshot of the building, Ronnie stopped Bea with a hand on her shoulder. "I'm pregnant." She said simply, with a nervous look on her face.
    Bea: Holy shit! ....Like, seriously?
    Ronnie: Yeah... like... seriously.
    Bea: Is it.... was it like, a titan or something?
    Ronnie: What?! God, no...
    Bea: Or.... or like
    Bea: Oh shit, was it Indigo???
    Ronnie: No! Bea, think about that for a second.
    Bea: Yeah, I guess that was over nine months ago, wasn't it
    Ronnie: No... it was... Oh jesus... It was Nils.
    Bea: **chokes on a laugh**
    Bea: No, seriously.
    Ronnie: Ronnie just goes beet red.
    Bea: Seriously?
    Bea: He--
    Bea: he's gayer than a three dollar bill
    Ronnie: Yyyyyeah....
    Bea: Did you, like, sprout a cock or something?
    Ronnie: No... we just... I was... it's complicated.
    Bea: Was there some Zeus-going-all-swany shit, only with you being a dude?
    Ronnie: *facepalm*
    Ronnie: No.
    Bea: Was he drunk?
    Ronnie: No.
    Bea: Were YOU drunk?
    Ronnie: No.
    Bea: Why not?
    Ronnie: It just... happened.
    Bea: Sorry, forget I said that
    Bea: I just...
    Bea: NILS.
    Ronnie: Yeah.
    Ronnie: I know.
    Bea: Wowza.
    Bea: Okay, well, moving on, how pregnant are you?
    Bea: I mean, like, how long?
    Ronnie: About a month and a half.
    Bea: Okay.
    Ronnie: I have no idea what I'm gonna do now.
    Ronnie: He doesn't know yet.
    Bea: Well, I'm assuming vitamins and doctor visits are on the menu.
    Ronnie: Yeah...
    Bea: I mean, if you wanna keep it.
    Ronnie: Ronnie looks up at you like you grew an extra head.
    Bea: Have you, I mean, have you considered other options?
    Ronnie: N... no. No, I can't.
    Bea: Okay. That's fine.
    Bea: Well... What about Chad?
    Ronnie: Chad? What about Chad?
    Bea: Well, I mean, his boyfriend's gonna be a dad, right?
    Bea: So... does that mean the nugget's gonna have two daddies?
    Ronnie: They... they're not dating anymore, hun.
    Bea: Oh.
    Bea: Well.
    Bea: I guess that would work.
    Ronnie: I just... I'm sorry. I had to tell someone.
    Bea: No, no, that's good!
    Ronnie: I don't know if I should tell the others.
    Bea: ::hugs::
    B ea: I'd give it a little time, if you want to still go on this mission
    Bea: folks might get twitchy about shit, you know?
    Ronnie: Yeah...
    Bea: But, well, you'll have to tell them something eventually
    Ronnie: Maybe... yeah.
    Ronnie: You're right.
    Ronnie: Thanks.
    Bea: No worries, man. Maybe after all the stuff tonight, I can tell you about some of the stuff I did this year?
    Ronnie: she smiles "I'd like that."
    Bea: Cool. Wanna see me juggle cars?
    Ronnie: heh, sure.

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