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    Righteous indignation from, Simon


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    Righteous indignation from, Simon

    Post by elanya on 04/06/11, 10:05 pm

    Aimee: "Simon?"
    Simon: (who's that? - aimee?)
    Aimee: Yeah
    Aimee: (Sorry, yeah)
    Simon: (and how? Spidercom? in person? just talking to the air?)
    Aimee: (In person)
    Simon: (he would probably be a bit hard to find, but she could track him down if she was insistent)
    Aimee: (okie doke. I was assuming with enough E. Perception, she could track him down. Or not, if you prefer)
    Simon: What do you want me to say, Aimee? Obviously you have this all set up, and there's no reason not to go forward with your plan.
    Simon: But I can't think of any way you can convince me that this wasn't pointlessly manipulative.
    Aimee: ...I'd argue the pointlessly part, but I tend to lose arguments with you.
    Simon: I should have realized that Connie building a place in this house for you two wasn't just wishful thinking :p
    Aimee: Can I ask you a question, though?
    Simon: What.
    Aimee: Do you honestly think we did more good for the world sitting here in College Station?
    Simon: That's a stupid pointles question, and you know it
    Simon: If we would have done better to break up for a while, or move, or branch out..... we could have!
    Simon: (Angry face)
    Simon: (but then forced calm)
    Aimee: I tried. I tried convincing people we needed to leave, to help out, to be elsewhere and do some good proactively without waiting for things to come to us.
    Simon: If we were meant to break up - we would have. but what fate is and how it happens are not always the same.
    Simon: No, you went off killing things without telling anyone and then tried to convince us that it was what we should all be doing
    Aimee: Are you honestly telling me that I should just put my trust in faith?
    Simon: It doesn't matter.
    Aimee: I know you won't believe me, but I'm sorry I lied. I still honestly think it needed to be done, and I understand that you disagree. I don't expect or deserve your trust at this point.
    Simon: I feel used enough already, Aimee, I don't need to feel used by you.
    Aimee: But I, and more importantly, we need you help.
    Simon: Don't worry, apparently Connie's been taking her lesson from mom to heart.
    Simon: "we lied to you, and used you- for no real purpose - but now we have this plan to which you're all more or less essential."
    Simon: I know things are happening that need to be acted upon.
    Simon: I've read over your data.
    Simon: I assume that what you want me to take care of the financial aspects. I that’ what you want, I can do that.
    Aimee: Again, I trust in your deductive abilities.
    Aimee: We have backups, but, yes, you are the best.
    Simon: * simon just nods
    Aimee: I'm sorry. That's all I have, and I know its not enough.
    Aimee: If its means anything at all, its good to see you.
    Aimee: *Aimee sighs, pauses, and turns to go.
    Simon: *Nam watches her*

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