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    Go West, Young Scion


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    Go West, Young Scion

    Post by Zari on 04/06/11, 07:03 pm

    [I am the outline.

    Aimee and Connie have their fight.

    Bea asks dad for guidance, dad says "Do what you always do when you need to think. Go running."

    Bea leaves a note, 'gone running, back later' and starts heading west. She runs for many many days and nights, eventually stopping somewhere in either west texas or new mexico. She sits down on a rock to think for a while, ends up falling asleep, and is shaken awake by her mom.

    Mom takes her to her adobe house, and gives her the Mr. Miyagi treatment for a few months, gives her her new birthrights, then tells her "Okay, now go do some good."

    She walked south, going through mexico city, where she met one band, and then down into south america, where she met two atzlanti bands, and helped them out with various things. While there, she earned the nickname "La Gringa Gigantica", and many drug lords learned to fear her.

    She kept in some contact with Simon, but not anyone else.

    Thus endeth the outline.]

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