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    League Profile-The Lady of the Forge


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    League Profile-The Lady of the Forge

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 05/03/10, 09:07 pm

    No one is really sure where the Lady came from, what she wants, or even where she came from. She speaks with an American accent to be sure, but she is known to speak at least one other language flawlessly.
    There are tales that date back impossibly long of a beautiful redheaded woman with a short temper who could play with flames like a child with a doll. Certainly she will willingly admit to setting fire to Ouevre's opera house, fifty years ago, and Lady Macabre claims to know her from much further back, but no one what she did either before or after. The point from which her history can be reliably tracked is fifteen years ago, when she was on hand after Omega Prime killed the researchers that had created him. She had offered him her partnership on the spot, and they soon set out to create the League.

    Powers: Fire/heat manipulation, limited healing
    Nemesis: Ouevre

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