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    Nils' Demigod sheet


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    Nils' Demigod sheet

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 04/06/11, 06:43 pm

    Name: Nils Anthony
    Player: Ella
    Calling: Lover
    Nature: Trickster
    Pantheon: Aesir
    God: Loki

    Strength: 1
    Dexterity: 4 (2 epic)
    Stamina: 4 (2 epic)

    Charisma: 6 (3 epic)
    Manipulation: 6
    Appearance: 2 (2 epic)

    Perception: 4 (2 epic)
    Intelligence: 4 (2 epic)
    Wits: 5 (2 epic)

    Academics: 4
    *Art (Theatre): 2
    Awareness: 3
    Control (motorcycle): 3
    Craft(sewing): 5
    Empathy: 4
    Fortitude: 2
    Integrity: 1
    Investigation: 1
    Occult: 3
    Thrown: 4



    Watson- (Animal 3) Loki stole one of the Aztec's prized Coatl as an egg and slipped it to Nils' family when Nils was a kid. Watson is still maturing, and will eventually be able to talk.

    Flar Gaefa(False Luck)- (relic 3) This birthright is the coin Loki stole from John F Kennedy in the Greek Underworld, meant to pay Charon. With a little tweaking from Loki, it will always fall whichever way Nils calls it. In addition, if he can convince someone to allow a coin toss to determine a decision and it is sealed with the coin, the parties involved are fatebound to honor the agreement (Linked to Justice)

    (Unnamed ring)- (Relic 2) This is a fairly simple looking ring made of a chunk of catseye fastened to a gold band. Loki stole it from Bastet. It carries a simple charm that keeps the wearer clean. Linked to Chaos Purview

    Hyrrstiga (Firestride)- (Relic 2) Unknown origin, these leather boots grant immunity to fire. Linked to the Fire purview

    Hyrrsyn (Firesight) (Relic 4)- Unknown origin, these bronze opera glasses allow Nils to see out of fire. Linked to the Illusion purview

    Pocketwatch (Relic 1)- Created from the eye of a giant mechanical spider. Communicator with the rest of our band

    (Unnamed Throwing Knives) (Relic 3)- Increased range, always return to the sheath.

    (Unnamed coat)(Relic 2)- Armor, and also pockets that are bigger on the inside

    Followers (1) 10 people scattered across places where Nils has been over the past year. No names as of yet.


    Monkey Climber
    Advantageous Circumstances
    Solipsistic Wellbeing
    Benefit of the Doubt
    Know it All
    Refined Palate
    Social Chameleon
    God's Honest
    My Eyes Are Up Here
    Detail Variation
    Boys Will Be Boys
    Takes One To Know One
    Sense Fatebound
    Sense Role
    Language Mastery
    Instant Translation
    Escape Artist
    Ricochet Symphony


    Eye of the Storm (Chaos 1)- Become an island of calm in a chaotic setting. No damage will be taken from incidentals, but directed attacks are unaffected.

    Hornet's Nest (Chaos 2)-Learn what action will cause or defuse the most chaos in the scene.

    Shield of Righteousness (Justice 3)-Prevents damage from the next attack if it is being made against an innocent victim.

    Subtle Knife (Illusion 1)- Hide a small item until it is blatantly used. Those wth Legend resist using their Per + Awa vs. the user's Man + Ste. Can also hide small creatures in plain sight.

    Fool's Gold (Illusion 3)- Conceal an item and then reveal it as being another, similar, item. Lasts for one scene and only one activation roll is used to set the difficulty of an observer's Per + awa test to see through the illusion. Only inanimate objects can be affected, and only inanimate illusions can be created.

    Bolster Fire (Fire 2)-Removes a fire's need for fuel. Must be able to see the fire to bolster it, but can then leave its presence. Fires bolstered cannot be larger than a campfire. Alternatively, can create a candle flame on your fingertip or the Birthright Relic channeling the boon.

    Blazing Weapon (Fire 4)- Reach into a fire and pull out a weapon. The weapon is based at Acc +0, Dmg +0, Def -1, and Spd 6. You get (Legend) points to distribute amongst the stats. Fire Immunity (Fire •) is required to handle the weapons, and anyone with it cannot be harmed by them. Alternatively, you may add the (Legend) points to an existing melee weapon's Acc, Dmg, and Def. LAsts one scene.

    Wakeful Spirit (Tsukimo-Gami 1) Can speak to the minor spirit within an inanimate object for a few minutes. The importance and remarkability of the object determines the intelligence of the spirit. Spirit's only usually recognize information relevant to thir object's purpose.

    Watchful Spirit (Tsukimo-Gami 2)- The Scion can coax a task from a kami, including things such as watching for aspecific person, observe nearby titanspawn, or remember and repeat a message. Lasts (actuvation successes) days.

    Tugging Heartstrings (Magic 3)- Increase the strength of a Fatebinding by 1 step per 2 successes. Costs the total of the two targets' Legend scores.




    Expression: 3
    Endurance: 2
    Valor: 1
    Loyalty: 3


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