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    Profile- Calypso's Fury


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    Profile- Calypso's Fury

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 05/03/10, 08:47 pm

    Alatea grew up on Gozo, a tiny island in the Caribbean, as a part of a family that still followed the old gods. Her father was a fisherman, and he and her brothers would leave every morning to fish, and come back in the evening with a good catch, thanking Calypso. One day, however, a week before her 19th birthday a horrible storm struck while her family was out at sea. She ran for the beach, in the thick of the storm, and loudly praised Calypso and begged her to spare her family. It was then that a truly magical thing happened. Calypso herself appeared before the trembling Alatea, with a proposition. If Alatea would agree to become Calypso's champion on earth, the goddess would deliver her family home safely. Alatea agreed, and the goddess imbued her with the power to control storms before telling her to head to America to show the world her power.
    Upon arriving in America, she made a name for herself as a hero, he own sense of justice guiding her to save and create instead of destroy. She was invited to join the Phoenix Force a year later, and she gladly accepted, realizing that as part of a greater effort Calypso's message would be better heard.
    Calypso continued to come and speak to her over the years, working to guide her avatar to the proper path. This has, on multiple occasions caused her to separate from the Force due to a disagreement, and on one notable occasion she became a member of the League for a few years. She has now once again broken away from the Force, and has chosen to ally herself to the League.

    Power: Weather manipulation

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