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    Basic world background


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    Basic world background

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 05/03/10, 08:20 pm

    Just like so many superhero tales, this one starts in the city of Genera, located somewhere on the East Coast of the USA. Here, the League has it's headquarters, as does the eternally too good Phoenix Force. These are the two warring factions that have made Genera their playground, and these are the center of your worlds.

    The League is the organization you have all been so graciously inducted into, your headquarters for evil. The headquarters is located in a skyscraper downtown, masquerading as a normal office building. The resources of the league are almost unlimited, and if you please the officiating members, you will be well rewarded. It is ruled jointly by Omega Prime and the Lady of the Forge.
    Positions of note for you are-
    Chief of Villainy- Lady of the Forge, Omega Prime
    Head of Law- Duani
    Head of Planning- Samkiel
    Public Relations- Lady Macabre
    Chief Advisor- Oracle of Fate
    Interplanetary Advisor- Zyzyx
    Requisitions- Beatriz
    Divine intermediary-Calypso's Fury

    On the other, law abiding side, you have the Phoenix Force. They operate out of a huge complex outside of town, to keep their business separate from innocents. Their roster is as follows
    Leaders-Kyrt, Ouevre
    PR-Vermillion Witch
    Police Liason-Ailele
    Gizmos and Gadgets-Quantum Inertia

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