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    Post by tuck on 16/02/11, 03:23 pm

    As Weihan and Dr. Jones walked out of the medical pavilion, a pair of green eyes watched them from the back of the shadowy cargo bay.

    Solomon kept watching until they had crossed over to the small elevator and headed back up to the main deck before emerging from behing the support column and making his way steadily to the medical bay door. He carefully oppened it and flicked on the overhead lights, scanning the room.

    The equipment in the room was still brand new and gleamed under the harsh lighting. For a few seconds he was blinded by the bright medical lights after the darkness of the cargo hold, but a moment later his sharp eyes adjusted and he could see the various cabinets of medicines arranged around the room. He opened the first one and peered around for a moment without finding what he was looking for before moving on to the second cabinet.

    He carefully took out a small bottle and squinted to read the small print on the label.

    ALPRAZALINE - 40 mg - 50 capsules

    He shook the vial once and listened to the pills rattling in the small plastic container before quickly pocketing it and closing the cabinet. He looked behind him one last time as he reached out and flipped the switch to dim the room's lights, then quietly closed the door behind him.

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