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    Phoenix Force Profile- Ouevre


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    Phoenix Force Profile- Ouevre

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 05/03/10, 07:31 pm

    Marie spent her early years training in the opera house as a chorus girl. She dreamed of becoming the leading lady, and on her 15th birthday, was given her chance. That night, she retired to her room, per usual, only to be awoken by desperate cries. "The Opera House is on fire!" they told her as they fled the building. She made it out alive and well, but her brother, a stagehand, died in the inferno. When she was informed that the flames were no accident, but caused by a malicious villain with a penchant for flames, she swore her revenge. She then took on the name of Ouevre, using her well developed vocal powers to bring villains to justice. She dedicated her efforts to her homeland in the icy north, keeping the streets clear of theives, murderers, and firebugs. Over time, her passion for her homeland's safety manifested in a bizarre fashion- Ouevre developed an ability to control the ice and snow around her.
    A lead brought her to the US, where it was rumored a fiery villainess who matched her description was starting a criminal organization. Once there, she met up with a hero named Kyrt, arch nemesis for Omega Prime, who turned out to be partnered with the Lady of the Forge, whom she'd been chasing all this time. They agreed they needed to start their own organization to counter their evil League, and thus the Phoenix Force was born.

    Power: Sonic and Ice manipulation
    Nemesis: Lady of the Forge

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