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    League Profile- Duani


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    League Profile- Duani

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 05/03/10, 07:22 pm

    Diana used to be one of the good guys, a rising star in the Paragon City heroes. She ran herself ragged every day trying to stop the villains and scum that roamed the streets. After years of this, her spirit got worn down as well as her body, causing her faith in the legal system and the hero's nobler methods to fail. She started doing work on the side under the name of Duani, or 'boss lady', making contacts and gaining allies. By the time she was caught and thrown in jail, she'd developed considerable resources. She busted out a few months in to her sentence, and quickly began rebuilding her organization.
    Within a year, Lady and Omega heard of her efforts and invited her into their newly formed League. Within the organization, her empire has grown and she is in prime position to enforce its law anywhere on the planet.

    Power: Force fields. She has a field for literally anything she can think of

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