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    Demigod knacks


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    Demigod knacks

    Post by tuck on 07/11/10, 09:42 pm

    There was some discussion about this the other day, so I went in the rulebook and found that according to it, yes you can take demigod boons without prerequisites at Hero level.

    "If a knack described here does not have a listed prerequisite, though, a heroic character may choose it as the knack he recieves for his first, second, or third dot of his epic attribute. Furthermore, a demigod character can choose one of the knacks listed in Scion: Hero as his free knack that comes with his fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh dot of his epic attribute. The only true restriction is that the character cannot buy or recieve for free a knack for which he does not have a listed prerequisite."

    So from the sound of it, you can take the ones without prerequisites as a Hero, but not the ones that do have prerequisites.

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