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    Thoughts, Preponderances, and Natty Lite


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    Thoughts, Preponderances, and Natty Lite

    Post by ivy91189 on 27/10/10, 06:52 pm

    *- indicates special Chad-Thompson communication.

    I don't really know what is going on with Nihls and I anymore. I used to know exactly where we stood. He was lovesick and overly dependent, and I was with him because it was the easiest way to deal with all of this. It wasn't really supposed to be more than a one night thing, but then all this god shit started to happen. Now I'm stuck with with the Dungeons and Dragons Justice League half of the time. Nihls is good when he isn't clingy, and the car smashing with Bea and Aimee is cool. Simon doesn't really say much to me anyways, and I've had a couple of my Brothers ask me how I know a stripper. Connie is just annoying, but it's easier not to fight when I'm stuck around them so much. I'm glad Nihls gets his rocks off with the beatings with Connie, but honestly couldn't he have found someone else? They don't like Thompson either, but I suppose that's my fault. I probably should tell them he stopped eating homeless people. He really is a good cat, but he has to be more subtle. I caught Trent giving him an odd look the other day. Then again I think Trent knows more than he lets on. He knows something is going on, and I'm pretty sure he knows I sleep with men. He's not the type to mention it though, well outside of calling me an ass raping whore while we play Halo. Maybe, I'll tell him about Nihls. A guy has to have friends outside his boyfriend's friends. Nihls. He's a problem. I like him well enough, but he's so damn clingy and drunk. Drunk? Where's my Natty Lite? Nihls has been getting better without the drinking. I'm just wondering if it'll go away after he stops being sick. Bad fanfiction does not constitute a real relationship, and I think that's how he expects us to be. I'm not really the monogamous type, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't try it later on. I'm just not jumping into this head first with no thought on how deep the pool is...

    *Damnit Thompson! You've got to stop killing fluffy dogs. They are pets not squirrels, raccoons, or other acceptable prey.*
    *They aren't people.*
    *You knew eating hobos was wrong. That's great just walk away! Stop killing dogs!*

    I'm going to get so much shit over that damn poodle. Time to go find somewhere to hide out.

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