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    Greek Tragedy - Epilogue


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    Greek Tragedy - Epilogue

    Post by elanya on 17/10/10, 10:39 pm

    (I figured this fit best in here? It is a lonely, underused forum that needs some love!)

    Just a few things I thought about from the end of the last arc. because I think about these things too much @_@

    - Indigo's retinue will all go back to New York, Grace included. Any and all are willing to stay in touch, especially Irene and Geoff. If you want any scened, I'm game for forum stuff.

    - Sophie will make sure that any of you who need or want them will have good lawyers for dealing with the cops and the general chaos surrounding the attack on Indigo and his (and his attacker's) subsequent disappearance

    - More information about Candace's murder is publicly available the day following the party, but from what you can the police have completely misinterpreted the scene. It is mentioned that she was traveling with Indigo, but none of the media reports mention any other names.

    - Following the incident, the cops will especially want to talk to Ronnie and Chad. They take David (the friend of the shooter). Other witnesses's accounts are so chaotic as to what happened that they aren't really sure what to make of things on that account. Eventually they decide/get convinced that Indigo was shot and removed to private medical care somewhere, and that in the ensuing chaos, the shooter somehow escaped, after you'd subdued him.

    -There are all kinds of rumours about Indigo - that he is dead, that he is in some kind of coma from which he is not expected to recover, that he is more or less fine and just sort of 'in hiding'. There aren't any press announcements explaining anything, which just encourages speculation.

    -There is bad press for A&M and Sigma Phi regardless, which they try to combat, with medium success. Trent will actually step up for the frat, both in terms of being a spokesperson, but also internally, with a sort of 'we really need to be more careful about what kinds of douchebags we're accepting into our brotherhood, because if we let this kind of asshattery go unchecked, it reflects poorly on all of us. Worry about who you are fucking, and not where other people are sticking it :p'

    -Indigo, partly because of the mystery and chaos of what happened, gets taken up as sort of a martyr/Icon for the GLBT community. It starts as a political thing, but becomes sort of personal for a lot of people, and he gets a huge sort of popularity boost. Someone sets up a sort of spontaneous memorial-type shrine on campus, which remains and/or gets replaced despite people's attempts to have it dismantled.

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