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    Prelude to a Journal


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    Prelude to a Journal

    Post by Admin on 05/03/10, 02:01 pm

    by Elanya » Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:37 pm
    Simon could faintly hear conversation out in the hall, and the quiet sounds of someone – likely Nils and Chad – shuffling around in the room beside his. Everyone was all paired off but him – not that he really minded. Not at the moment. It was good to have some time alone with his thoughts, so he could sort things out…. As if that was even possible.

    He cracked open his laptop, grabbed from home along with some spare clothes and school essentials, and cursed the shitty hotel wireless as the system sprang to life. The internet never slept. There would be something for him there, he was sure, even if it was only distraction. He ran his hand through his hair, and sighed. *He* should probably sleep, but it would be a futile effort while his mind was this worked up, replaying events, conversations, trying to make sense of things that he wasn’t even sure he wanted to accept.

    He loaded his blog first, going back to the few posts he’d made since Chrys’s death, turning the settings to private, before rattling off a quick filler entry.

    I’ve removed the last couple of entries, deciding on reflection that this blog is not really the right place for them. Thanks to everyone who did comment for their sympathy, but I think, in the end, I am going to need to find another outlet.

    To bring this beast back to its original purpose, and by way of apology for the sudden derailment, I’ll have to draw your attention to a particular irony here. I’ve removed the posts from public view, and flagged them as ‘private’. They still live online rather than in a more truly private venue, and my thoughts are still organized and formatted for a public audience. Conflation of the public and private sphere, once again… I’m sure I have more coherent thoughts on this, but it has been a long night. Maybe a topic for a later post?

    He stared at the entry blindly for a few minutes before hitting submit. It was late enough to be early, the adrenalin rush was wearing off, and even the anger he’d felt the whole time they were in – or rather under - the Administration Building had ebbed considerably. Times like this were why Code Red Mountain Dew was invented, he thought firmly, and smiled at the absurdity as he cracked open a bottle.

    He typed in a few Google searches, opening the links without yet reading them, and then stopped, leaning back in his chair to take another drink. He glanced through the first few hits – mostly Wikipedia entries – and loaded some of the pages he’d bookmarked while trying to backtrack Chrys’s online activity. They probably didn’t hold any real answers either, but could it hurt? Probably not.

    The caffeine was already starting to race through his system, and he felt a little more alert. Rather than turn back to his browser, however, he opened a new file in Open Office…

    * Journal entry not included**
    ** Okay technically there is *a* journal entry, but not the one I meant ;p

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