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    Worry in Bad French


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    Worry in Bad French

    Post by Admin on 05/03/10, 01:59 pm

    by Josh » Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:45 pm
    Aimee clutched Connie's hand the entire ride up the elevator, staring impatiently as the numbers blinked and determinedly tracing her thumb over Connie's. The dim hotel hallway lighting matched her subdued demeanor as she closed the distance to their room. Quickly opening the door, Aimee pulled Connie in suddenly and just as abruptly pressed her back against the now closed door. She pressed her lips forcefully to Connie's, taking a deep breath as she ran her fingers through her love's hair. After a moment, she broke off the kiss, but her face remained just inches away.

    "I can not lose you, you hear me Constance Psmith? Je t'aime avec mon coeur entier. I don't know what's real right now, or how deep this goes, but I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I will move heaven and earth to be by your side. I don't care what happens, I don't care who is out there. They are never going to hurt you as long as I'm still breathing."

    Aimee's arms surrounded Connie, holding her for a moment that stretched on as Aimee let out a single sob before pulling back. Sniffling, she kissed Connie once more on the cheek before letting go. Turning, she began to discard clothes, walking towards the bathroom.

    "There's a lot more we need to talk about, but first, I really need a shower." Aimee lingered halfway through the doorway, haloed by the bathroom light. She cast a look over her shoulder, her hair, golden in the light, falling across her face. "You're welcome and encouraged to join me, amoreux."

    A short while later, laying in bed, Aimee cast a sidelong glance at Constance,"So, mon peu lapin de caresse, are we all going crazy?"

    by Kitrazzle » Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:05 am
    Growing steadily more shaken by the evening's adventure as her adrenalin wore off, Connie stood closer to Aimee then normal, holding the shoulder strap of her bag with a white-knuckled hand and staring at the floor. She squeaked as Aimee tugged and pushed, mildly confused over why her love was jerking her arm out of its socket, and blinked at the sudden kiss. ...Oh. That was why. Her duffel fell to the floor with a loud thump, arms wrapping around Aimee and holding her tight. She managed a trembly little smile as Aimee pulled back, nodding desperately. Tears started to trickle unbidden down her cheeks as the levee gates finally unlocked.

    "You won't, cara mia, never ever. Je promets que rien ne me prendra de votre côté. Ma main à Dieu, la mort non égale peut partie nous. No matter how far down the rabbit hole goes, no matter what. Vous êtes mon soleil, ma lune, mon ciel illuminé par les étoiles. Je vis dans l'obscurité sans toi."

    Brushing Aimee's hair back over her ear, Connie kissed her back and smiled a little stronger before letting her go. She did so love to watch her walk away. Chuckling softly at the invitation, Constance shook her head fondly. "Ah, mon rossignol d'ange." She picked up their bag and plonked it onto a chair before shucking off her poor abused costume and walking to the bathroom.

    Sitting crosslegged atop the covers while she braided her hair for sleep, Connie considered events for a moment before giving Aimee a brief smile. "That is a fair assessment, mon petit chou. The logistics of mass hallucinations would be a little difficult, but they're hardly unknown. At least there was a little bit of humor to it at the end." She looped the ponytail holder around her braid then started mimicking the bad ass midget santa's hand gestures. "'When a god and a humon lov each odder veery moch...' Betcha he had that somewhere in his little presentation. God, we woulda died laughing."

    by Josh » Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:01 pm
    Aimee smiled and chuckled, laying back and stretching, luxuriating in the softness of the bed and the warm sunshine peering through the curtains. Sighing contentedly, she turned on her side to face Constance and kissed her knee before replying.

    "Mass hallucinations, ma fille plus précieuse? Dieu sauf nous des chasses à sorcière! We've been through a lot, but us all going the exact same type of crazy? That seems far-fetched even for us. Dieux et déesses ? Je pense pas. Still, Bea got shot by something, and I'm not sure what's going on with Ronnie. If she believes this, and you devine que je devrai simplement le prendre sur la foi, oh amour pondéré de ma vie. The question is, what do we do about it?"

    Aimee ran her hand along Constance's leg, looking up expectantly.

    by Kitrazzle » Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:05 pm
    Running her fingers idly through Aimee's lovely blond hair, Connie shrugged. "Quand vous avez raison, vous avez raison. But I can't think of anything that explains all the shit that's been happening. I mean, c'mon. Look at what we actually know. Nils has powers of inexplicable origin that give him equally inexplicable impressions from objects. Chrys did not take her own life, known because of said inexplicable impressions. Steve-the-douche has abnormal strength and cries blood and is allergic to sunlight, and that Rachel chick has something to do with it. Someone or something anticipated where he was gonna take us and shot Bea and my car and her truck. Ronnie has a gun, which I'm fairly certain she did not have before, and somehow caused a flashbang effect which she says came from her new coat, which somehow burned the everliving fuck out of Steve-the-douche. And Peter the bad ass midget santa with the Scandinavian accent lives in a basement on campus that's not supposed to exist, is somehow mixed up with this Rachel chick, and knows a whole hell of a lot more then I'm comfortable with. Ronnie's...change of heart on the possibility of a supernatural explanation kinda scares me. I mean, I'm glad that it should help get rid of the tension between her and Nils, but... She's the one person I expected to hold onto the scientific with a death grip. It woulda taken something huge to change her mind, and that in itself is giving this whole 'god' thing a little credibility."

    Connie sighed heavily and scooted down the bed to lie on her side next to Aimee, one arm beneath her head and lacing the fingers of the other hand through Aimee's. "Je ne sais pas, l'amant. I just don't. We don't even know enough to know what we don't know. Kinda makes it hard to be prepared for if we run into more of this shit. Trying to get justice for Chrys has taken us right off the edge of the map, but I hate to leave it unfinished. Cet enfant doux mérite mieux. Let's just get some sleep, sweetheart. When we wake up, I'll need a ride out to my car so I can get it towed. If we get the little stuff taken care of first, that'll let us concentrate on figuring out the big stuff."

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