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    Supers and the Law


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    Supers and the Law

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 09/05/10, 04:02 pm

    The US has been perhaps a little overcompensatory in it's legal codes regarding Supers of both hero and villain persuasion. Anyone with superhuman abilities is required to gain a license to use their powers in any sort of public place, and organizations are required to maintain a license vaguely equvalent to a bounty hunter or PI, and weapons have to be properly licensed as well. Even villains tend to comply, at least to a degree, because no one wants to be sent to prison on a tecnicality of expired paperwork-that's like Al Capone being caught for tax fraud, just embarassing.
    While properly licensed, supers are oftentimes more or less immune to more mundane law enforcement, as there are very strict laws regarding the arrests of supers that are at this point still easily abused, although they are designed to protect the police and hero groups both. A mundane force cannot legally arrest a super without another super on hand as part of the arresting force, and even heroes are notoriously bad about refusing to work with those outside their own organization.

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